Shake It Up!

We love everything about oats in the morning, but sometimes it’s good to mix it up a a little, especially if time is limited and you need something on the go! It doesn’t have to be complicated, simply blend the ingredients in your Nutribullet and breakfast becomes a lovely smoothie! The beauty of this one is that you can make …

Lovely Lemon Loaf

A marriage of lemon and protein is super compatible for the muscle conscious consumer! We are drooling over this recipe from Hannah Eats and can’t wait to get our aprons on and get baking. If you beat us to the kitchen, leave us a note and let us know you get on! Full recipe available here

Muffins for breakfast? We must be bananas! :-)

Put an end to boring breakfasts with these healthy flourless banana muffins. In fact, why limit yourself to breakfast…we certainly didn’t! They were a perfect match for our afternoon cup of cacao. Two versions are available; you can choose from sugar free (stevia added) or delicately sweetened with honey. Head over to Chocolate Covered Katie for the recipe