Perks of Prana Protein

We were delighted to receive our Prana Protein bundle today! We bagged an amazing deal for just £9.00 which included a 1kg bag of clean vegan chocolate protein powder, two vegan protein bars, and a stainless steel Prana Protein shaker! Delivery was included for free and we received our order within 48 hours, that’s what we call good service!

They say the proof is in the pudding, but in our case it was in our morning smoothie bowl! Prana vegan protein is a blend of soya and pea protein, sweetened using only stevia. It has a thick luxurious consistency when blended with milk and oats, which made for a yummy, healthy start to the day and packs in an impressive 24g of protein per 30g scoop! We will definitely be trying it in our protein bakes and nice cream 🙂

The fun didn’t stop there, as we headed off to work with our cacao and vanilla, and goji berry and chia seed protein bars fully armed for our 11am snack, and we were in for a treat! Wheat and gluten free with no added nasties, these bars are perfect to combat that mid- morning energy dip and provide an impressive 10g protein per bar. They are versatile and can be crumbled into your porridge to give that extra crunch without the added sugar of a traditional granola or cereal brand.

Prana protein offer a range of products including vegan protein in coconut and vanilla flavours, organic unflavoured hemp and pea protein and a range of organic seeds, including chia and flax. There’s 20% off your first order, see their website for further details

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