Dreamy Protein Cheesecake

We have been working hard this weekend in the Clean Cheating Kitchen….we proudly present to you our own clean, macro-friendly (see below) protein cheesecake! This one is chocolate peanut and raspberry flavour, but you can dress it up any way that you like!



50g ground almonds

60g ground oats

75ml goat’s milk (or your preferred alternative)

20g Meridian peanut or cashew butter

Cheesecake Mixture

100g greek or natural yoghurt (low fat)

1 200g pot Arla Raspberry Protein Yoghurt (can sub with other flavours)

I scoop Phd Diet Whey in Chocolate Peanut flavour (can sub with other flavours)

30g ground oats



Make the base by by mixing the dry ingredients and slowly adding in the peanut butter and milk until the mixture binds. Press the base firmly into a small tin and refrigerate.

Make the topping by blending all ingredients together in your blender (we used our Nutribullet). The ideal texture is thick and not too runny. If you need to thicken the mixture you can add in some more ground oats.  Pour the mixture over the base, add in some frozen berries of your choice and pop back in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy! (We chilled ours in the freezer for an hour).


per 1/4 cheesecake

calories 119

protein 18g

carbs 22g

sugar 7.5g

fat 12.2g


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