Perks of Prana Protein

We were delighted to receive our Prana Protein bundle today! We bagged an amazing deal for just £9.00 which included a 1kg bag of clean vegan chocolate protein powder, two vegan protein bars, and a stainless steel Prana Protein shaker! Delivery was included for free and we received our order within 48 hours, that’s what we call good service!

They say the proof is in the pudding, but in our case it was in our morning smoothie bowl! Prana vegan protein is a blend of soya and pea protein, sweetened using only stevia. It has a thick luxurious consistency when blended with milk and oats, which made for a yummy, healthy start to the day and packs in an impressive 24g of protein per 30g scoop! We will definitely be trying it in our protein bakes and nice cream 🙂

The fun didn’t stop there, as we headed off to work with our cacao and vanilla, and goji berry and chia seed protein bars fully armed for our 11am snack, and we were in for a treat! Wheat and gluten free with no added nasties, these bars are perfect to combat that mid- morning energy dip and provide an impressive 10g protein per bar. They are versatile and can be crumbled into your porridge to give that extra crunch without the added sugar of a traditional granola or cereal brand.

Prana protein offer a range of products including vegan protein in coconut and vanilla flavours, organic unflavoured hemp and pea protein and a range of organic seeds, including chia and flax. There’s 20% off your first order, see their website for further details

We Relished This Real Burger!

When you only have one cheat meal scheduled per week, you have to get it right! That’s why we were more than happy to have selected Relish Real Burgers in Potter’s Bar as the venue for our feast this week! The burgers were some of the juiciest and tastiest we have sampled so far (and we’ve had our fair share!) and the menu offers a great variety, from the Classic Burger to the Greek, to the Mexican, to the Breakfast Burger! Paired with sweet potato or shoestring fries, this really was perfection on a plate!

If burgers aren’t your bag, don’t fret because Relish also serves a variety of other meat and veggie dishes, not to mention sumptuous specials to satisfy your sweet tooth, including milkshakes in flavours we have only dreamt about! Banoffee and Coffee caught our attention!

Relish have restaurants in both Potter’s Bar and St. Albans. Please visit their website for further details or to make a booking!

Clean Cheating at the Chateau Cafe

Breakfast is the new lunch! The Chateau Cafe, Cheshunt High Street, was the setting of a well deserved re-fuel for the team at Clean Cheating Cafe today. Lured in by the cakes and creatively chic decor, we quickly learnt from the friendly staff that Chateau Cafe opened its doors in 2016, and in our opinion provides a breath of fresh air on an otherwise outdated high street.

We opted for scrambled eggs on sourdough (one of the tastiest breads in our opinion!) but the mouth-watering menu left us keen to return for more (the poached eggs on smashed avocado to be specific!). Chateau Cafe offers a range of freshly prepared, organic breakfast and brunch options, all immaculately presented, as well as sandwiches and indulgent home-made cakes. The service is friendly; the cafe has a relaxed feel and is child friendly with a play room which makes it the perfect local lunch spot for families to meet. And if that wasn’t enough to persuade you to give Chateau Cafe a try, why not pop in and enjoy an Italian coffee or speciality loose leaf tea whilst immersing yourself in some crochet, knitting or reading at one of the weekly clubs now currently running.

Chateau Cafe can be found at 37 High Street Cheshunt, EN8 0BS. For more information give them a call on 01992848654. Enjoy!

Raw Fudge Peanut Butter Pie

We were in London recently and, in accordance with tradition, had to stop at Whole Foods to check out (generally stand in the aisles drooling over) the many amazing and tasty products on offer! We came across a range of bars produced by The Raw Chocolate Pie Company and were intrigued! The packaging lured us in and we had a very difficult time choosing between the delicious flavours. We opted for the raw fudge with peanut butter and we weren’t disappointed… creamy, with a great texture, and an amazing hit of peanut butter! We kept ours in the fridge and enjoyed a small slice with our hot cacao in the evening. The perfect substitute for a sugary snack in our opinion!

Raw Chocolate Pie, as the name suggests, produce yummy raw chocolate and raw fudge ‘pies’. Named as such because they are more indulgent than a simple chocolate bar, yet full of goodness and can be enjoyed as a snack, chopped up onto breakfast bowls, as a frozen yoghurt topping, in hot chocolate and milkshakes and more! Raw cacao is used, which we already love for its many health benefits. Coconut oil is also utilised, which is an excellent source of good fat!

With a multitude of flavours to choose from, our only issue is deciding which one to try next! There are currently 14 varieties of raw chocolate pie to choose from, and we have our sights set on the coffee smoothie and pink Himalayan salt flavours. Within the raw fudge range, we are excited about the vanilla fudge pie. However, if you can’t quite decide, you can opt for a combo pie, which combines both raw fudge and raw chocolate! It doesn’t stop there though…you can also opt for a popcorn pie or a truffle pie! We particularly like that the company also offer a range sweetened with Xylitol.

The Chocolate Pie Company is based in Cornwall, but have over 200 stockists throughout the UK and also offer the option to purchase online. We hope you enjoy as much as we did!


We’ve seen these around on health and fitness blogs, so we decided to see what all the fuss is about! We were not disappointed! Not to be dismissed simply as a healthy breakfast for those in a hurry, these oats are also the ultimate post-workout protein snack! Here’s how we made ours…

One glass jar filled with…

Layers of Greek Yoghurt (Fage Total Greek Yoghurt)

Layers of Jordan’s Wholegrain Oats

Frozen Blackberries

Teaspoon of Cacao

Drizzled with half a teaspoon of Manuka Honey and fresh lemon juice

Mix and enjoy! If you’re not ready to eat yet, pop in the fridge 🙂 Perfect Pre or Post Workout!

Sunny Summer Salad

Try these 3 ingredient turkey breast burgers with a crisp, fresh lemon-dressed summer salad. A perfect lunch that won’t leaving you feeling under the weather!


250g turkey breast mince

50g rye flour (we used Doves Farm)

1 large egg

optional: black pepper, fresh parsley, chilli flakes


Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C.

Mix the turkey and rye flour in a large bowl. slowly add in the egg and mix well. Add optional extras such as black pepper, fresh parsley, chilli. Note: 50g rye flour will make crispy burgers. If you would prefer softer burgers use less rye flour.

In a large frying pan, add 1/2 teaspoon Lucy Bee Coconut Oil. Make the mixture into burger sized patties and lightly fry each side (2-3 minutes per side).

Place the burgers in a large oven tray and cook for approximately 30 minutes until golden.

Serve with a freshly chopped salad covered in fresh lemon juice and olive oil!


Beautifully Bananas!

We did it again! Another protein cheesecake! They are so simple to make and really satisfy that sweet tooth, but without the damage to your waistline!

Make yours now…

Base (serves 2) 

30g oats

30g ground almonds

20g peanut butter

Mash all ingredients together, push down into small ramekin to form a base


160g plain low fat yoghurt (we used Skyr)

1-2 scoops banana Phd Diet Whey

Frozen berries

Small dash of milk to blend

Mix all ingredients together and pop onto your base, freeze for 30 mins to chill, and enjoy! 


Easy Pizza!

Perfect as a tasty snack or as a main meal with sides, this five minute pizza is easy and quick to make and will keep the whole family smiling! Top with just about anything you can think of!

You will need (per pizza)

One large wholemeal pitta

30g Tomato Puree

1/2 Fresh Pepper

45g Grated Mozzarella

One Linda McCartney Vegetarian Sausage 

Black Pepper, Chilli flakes, Rosemary and other spices of your choice



Cook sausages and peppers on the grill (we used our George Foreman)

Lightly toast your pitta

Spread the tomato paste onto your pitta, and top with peppers, sausages and mozzarella

Season to taste

Pop under the grill for 5 minutes – enjoy!

*you can add chicken, turkey, tuna, or other vegetarian options as your toppings!


Pancake Predicament!

Whether you opt to be squeaky clean or shockingly sinful this pancake day, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re feeling naughty why not head to My Old Dutch (Kensington, Chelsea or Holborn)  and try the new Butterscotch Magnifique special! If you’d rather have a clean pancake experience, try our simple yet versatile recipe below (adapted from Pinch of Yum). You can play around with the toppings, we love a simple drizzling of Meridian Peanut Butter and a generous helping of blueberries!

Ingredients: (serves 2)

2 Large Eggs (egg whites only)

150ml Semi-Skimmed Milk (or your preferred alternative)

2 scoops protein powder of your choice (we used Phd Diet Whey in Strawberry)

100g ground oats (we used ReadyBrek!)


Blend all ingredients well in a blender, until pancake mix texture is achieved. If the mixture is too thick, add small amounts of cold water slowly until consistency is adequate

Heat a small amount of coconut oil in your pan, and pour your mixture in to make pancakes the size of your choosing!

Add toppings and enjoy!

Macros per stack (does not include toppings and extras)

Calories 340

Fat 6.1g

Carbs 40g

Protein 30g


Monday Brunch Club

A good dose of healthy fats will help kick start your week! Today we are serving up poached eggs and avocado on homemade sourdough! Try this recipe from The Delicious Life which adds in a kick of chilli and some sauteed kale for added flavour.

serves 2-4


1 clove garlic, peeled
1 guindilla pepper or other dried chilli (or add crushed red pepper to the final dish)
½ cup extra virgin olive oil
4 small organic eggs, freshest possible
Coarse sea salt, cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, chopped parsley
to serve: grilled toast (we used homemade sourdough), braised or sautéed kale, and fresh avocado


In a small sauté pan, heat the garlic and chilli in oil to 140°. Add in the kale to saute for about 10 minutes.

Crack the eggs one at a time into a small ramekin or coffee cup and slip each egg into the hot oil.

Poach the eggs for about 3 minutes (the eggs will occasionally pop and sputter). Remove each egg carefully with a slotted spoon and place over grilled toast piled with garlic-braised kale and fresh avocado. Sprinkle coarse sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes, and chopped fresh parsley over the yolks.